Andy Brasher


Andy Brasher is a songwriter from Kentucky. His earliest musical influences were his grandfather, his father and uncles. After learning to play the acoustic guitar, crafting songs was second nature. At fourteen years old Andy started his first band and performed covers at parties, festivals and bars in Owensboro and Bowling Green, Kentucky and surrounding counties. Soon, he built a large and loyal local following that gave him the courage to try his talents of singing, playing and writing in Nashville, TN.

Andy moved to Nashville in 2004 and spent the next couple of years writing and performing in the Nashville honky tonks.

After returning to Kentucky, Andy released his first full length original album, “Crows and Buzzards” in 2007. Locally and even back in Nashville, the album was received well and now the demand for Andy to play his original music at shows had outweighed the requests for cover material. “Crows and Buzzards” began to sell online across the country and even overseas. As the music spread, requests came in for a tour. In the time following the release of “Crows and Buzzards”, Andy made his way along the east coast and throughout the south playing bars, dives, campgrounds, festivals, coffee houses and street corners.
In 2009, Andy and friend Dustin Bogue recorded ten of their songs and made an album and formed Brasher/Bogue. Brasher/Bogue started as a duet, but became a five piece band and started their touring career on Kenny Chesney’s 2011 “Goin Coastal” tour. By 2012, Brasher/Bogue had produced three albums of material, played large festivals and venues all over the U.S., and supported many top name national acts.
In 2015, Andy refocused on a solo career, taking some time off from Brasher/Bogue and putting  together a new incarnation of the Andy Brasher Band.
Andy’s songs have been featured in film and media productions. Andy’s songs can also be heard on terrestrial, satellite and internet radio stations all across the US.
With Brasher/Bogue and solo, Andy has performed concerts in support of many national acts  including, Kid Rock, Kenny Chesney, Hank Williams Jr., Charlie Daniels Band and more…
Andy has headlined shows all over the US and even internationally.
Andy is a frequent guest at many songwriter festivals here in the US, including the Frank Brown International Songwriter’s Fest and Key West Songwriter’s Fest.

2007- “Crows and Buzzards” – Andy Brasher
2009- “The Brasher/Bogue Project” – Brasher/Bogue
2010- “Last of Our Kind” – Andy Brasher
2012- “By God: Part One” -Brasher/Bogue
2012- “By God” Part Two” -Brasher/Bogue