“Day of the Trial” March 19th

First single from Myna Bird due March 19, 2019

The new single “Day of the Trial”, from Andy Brasher’s new album is set to release on all digital music stores on March 19th, 2019. The single can be pre-ordered starting March 10th. “Day of the Trial” is one of 10 new recordings from Andy Brasher to be included on the newest full length album Myna Bird.

“Day of the Trial”, along with nine other tracks included on Myna Bird, was recorded at famed Blackbird Studios and 3GS Studio in Nashville, TN. The album and all tracks are co-produced by four time Grammy winner Ross Hogarth(Hoag Productions) and Harry Smith(3GS Studio). The tracks were mixed by Ross Hogarth(Los Angeles, CA) and mastered by Richard Dodd(Nashville, TN).

Andy’s strong lyrics tell the tale of a whirlwind romance leading to a co-dependent relationship fraught with drug and alcohol use and eventually betrayal. Expect to find double entendres, vivid imagery and clever play on words. Andy’s command of lyrics and phrasing, combined with beautiful melodies and inspired musical performances by Andy and a band of A list musicians, and an epic, emotional guitar solo from Harry Smith, makes “Day of the Trial” come to life.

Click link below to pre-save “Day of the Trial” on Spotify.


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